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Lancaster solutions


Relax... and watch...

Lancaster Solutions is a real and long-lasting solution to help you launch, create the future of your ideas…
We propose you to be a real partner during your project.
We can go as far as you project yourself.
We can help you to reach your craziest goals starting from scratch.

  • Building and developing your Business Plan

  • Needs assessment

  • Definition and creation of all your channels of communication

  • Development and maintenance of your applications, website...

  • Our package include also all the services to support your new system: Animation, Client support, Accounting service, lawyers...

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php symphony docker redis
mongodb nodejs microservices agile
php docker symphony
redis mongodb nodejs
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Who are we ?

We are part of a multi-cultural, dynamic and passionate team. We are experts on what we do. Our complicity and good atmosphere will make the rest. We feel engaged with our partner’s projects to help them growing. It’s our expertise what makes us reach the success together. Our offices based in one of the most dynamic city of Europe allows us to gather of team of Multi-cultural experts passionate about all the projects we are working on. Our complicity and good atmosphere will offer you a combinaison of smooth communication and high quality work delivery. We feel engaged with our partner’s projects and dedicated ourselves to help them growing. Our expertise will allow us to reach success together.

Do you want to be part of this adventure?

Feel free to contact us!

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project maintenance

project maintenance

  • updating website with fresh content
  • migration to a newest versions of software
  • regular page(product) speed improvement

promotion team

  • acquisition team expertise
  • qualified traffic generation
  • user experience spirit

it team

  • from the mockup to the production
  • strong expertise
  • always aware of the new technology trends

support team

  • availability of qualified staff
  • multilingual support
  • customer relationship expertise


Contact us

Here is your chance to share an idea or a project with us! We are located in the great city of Barcelona. Come visit us in our amazing office. Call us or send us an e-mail now!



Avda. Diagonal 415,
08008 Barcelona, Spain


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